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My definition of being close to nature.

Today we have created and continuously creating an environment for our comfort. Created lots and lots of chemical compositions and creating more and more to cater the demands of the human being.

As we all know, unfortunately most of these products are causing irreversible damage to the environment.

For example, plastic, floor cleaning chemicals, chemical pesticides etc.. List goes on.

I do not want create an awareness on which product is harmful and which one is not.

I only want each one of us to be cautious on every action that we do.

Let me give you an example, a hair cleansing shampoo is created to enhance the glow of the hair by cleaning the dirt, ultimately to make oneself look beautiful.

Now, you have given the below options,

1. A home made formula which uses herbs and natural substances which is proven from many years. Ex: shikakai based / Soapnut based.

2. A shampoo with the extracts of the natural ingredients and without any chemicals/mild and harmless chemicals.

3. A Shampoo manufactured and has the goodness (mostly a marketing statement) of the natural ingredients but in a chemical form.

Now lets look at all three very closely

1. Home made formula with full of herbs and only herbs are extracted from the plants, prepared without any chemicals is like you take it from nature use it in the natural way and give it back to the nature the way it can digest and recycle.

2. This is almost like the first one if you take care of recycling the container.

3. Now, you need to look at chemicals that are used, and the impact or damage that they do to you and to the environment. You will realize that this is not in the nature's recycling mechanism, rather it keeps damaging the nature and increases the danger day by day.

So, now we must list down the products that we use everyday, a simple calculation and Google search can easily tell you the damage that we are doing.

Some of the things that we create takes millions of years to disintegrate and generates hazardous wastes in different forms. A good example is plastic.

Ancient India has given us lots of wisdom about healthy living without damaging the nature.

We should switch to the right products and way of living consciously to live very close to nature.

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